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support for over a year. Then the foot was opened pus found

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to bleed profusely from the stomach or bowels or navel

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practical surgeons and we hope that many works of a similar kind

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all but one and however brilliant the faculty or dis

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for moistening the quill should be boiled. The wound

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stantly being made of their contributions. As an illus

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growth the outcome of researches by thousands of untiring workers. The

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dark field illuminator in five or ten minutes. In all

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present ealting now hty It away in ite own g ase in Juil

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prostate stricture a single prolonged voluntary or involun

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of the drug. We hope within the near future to publish the results

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as do night suppers and going to bed soon after eating.

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ihey might deserve success they might not command it.

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Dr. Dunlop places his therapeutic suggestions for the treatment of

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he Mr. MacNab showed at the Ophthalmological Society on July

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let ns enter into its future with a spirit that wiH bring

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ments for lithotomy We have seen various efTorts with Heurte

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may be otilahied and in acute and chronic disease evidence

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the ear present the same features as similar pathological conditions in other

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XIV. which we think does not represent the scirrhus growth as